Further Driving Courses

The Pass Plus Scheme

Pass Plus is additional driving instruction taken after you’ve passed your practical driving test. Although it can be taken by anyone, it’s mainly aimed at new drivers in their first year of experience and helps them to become more confident, building on their skills and knowledge. It teaches the driver to anticipate, plan for and deal with all kinds of hazards they may not yet have come across.

The course includes 6 hours of practical driving. It consists of 6 specific areas:

Chris Blake Driving School covers Shifnal, Telford and all surrounding areas
  • In town
  • All weather
  • Rural Roads
  • Night Driving
  • Dual carriageways
  • Motorways

To join the Pass Plus driving scheme you must use an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) with an ADI ‘green badge’. Chris Blake Driving School fulfils this requirement and is registered with the DSA as a Pass Plus instructor.

Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin Councils used to offer incentives but sadly no longer do so at the present time. However, Staffordshire council area supports the Pass Plus scheme and are currently offering a discount off the full training costs (conditions apply). The usual cost is £220 for the six hour course, but with the subsidy you could do the whole course for around £100. Ask for details. Then, once completed, you’ll be sent a Pass Plus Certificate from the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) which you’ll be able to use with a number of insurance companies to claim a substantial discount off your car insurance.

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Refresher Courses

There may be a number of reasons why people lose their confidence when driving. It may be that you haven't driven for a long time, you may have moved to a more built up area and feel anxious about driving with increased traffic to what you're used to or you may not be familiar with driving on the left if you're from a foreign country. A refresher course of driving could be just what you need to give you the restored confidence you need to be a safe driver once again.

Refresher courses can also be a useful tool for a regular driver who may be assisting a younger person to learn to drive. It can refresh your knowledge of modern requirements for passing a driving test so that you can give maximum benefit to the learner and ensure you are maintaining the level of safety needed for accident free driving.

All refresher courses are tailored to the individual's needs and after an initial assessment, Chris will advise you on what areas he feels you would benefit from additional help. Give Chris Blake Driving School a call to find out more.

Driving Schools in Telford, Driving Schools in Shifnal, Learn to Drive with Chris Blake

Motorway Driving

Motorways are wonderful for getting from one point in the country to another without the congestion of town driving. However, driving on a motorway - especially for the first time - can be a daunting experience. Everything moves so fast and you need to be thinking ahead so that you give yourself time and space to react to change. You need to be in control of your speed and fully aware of what is behind and alongside you at all times. If visibility is poor, extra care needs to be taken and longer stopping distances allowed for.

You also need to know which junction you plan to leave the motorway, as once on it, there are no lay-bys in which to pull over and look at the map! You need to be confident at changing lanes and should you have a problem with your vehicle, you need to be aware of what you should and shouldn't do.

Motorway lessons with Chris Blake Driving School will make sure that you're fully confident with

  • Planning your route
  • How to join and leave the motorway safely
  • Lane discipline and overtaking correctly
  • Safe stopping distances
  • Awareness and reaction to other motorway users - especially larger vehicles
  • What to do if you encounter a problem when on a motorway
M54 Learn to Drive on a Motorway with Chris Blake Driving School in Shifnal
M54 Junction 4 Telford
M54 Learn to Drive on a Motorway with Chris Blake Driving School in Shifnal
M54 Junction 5 Telford

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Driving Schools in Telford, Driving Schools in Shifnal, Learn to Drive with Chris Blake